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Fellowship Groups – Bell Ringing – Choir & Music – Men’s Fellowship – Mothers’ Union

Fellowship Groups at St. Wilfrid’s

We have a number of small groups at St. Wilfrid’s

All are opportunities to make friends, find fellowship, pray, and learn from God’s word in a relaxed way. This is vital if we are to be a church that grows and cares for each other as best we can.

They are called Fellowship Groups because we want them to be more than just bible study but about warm friendship with the Lord and each other. Fellowship Groups- hopefully places where people can find encouragement and support- to care for each other and ‘spur’ each other on in the faith.

Here are the current groups we have:

At St. Wilfrid’s we currently have four  Fellowship Groups (some weekly, some fortnightly

We’d love everyone to be part of a group.

If you’d like to join one (or have ideas for a group at another day/time), or simply want to find out a bit more do let us know.

We also run one-off small groups including Evangelism Training, an Old Testament Overview, and Christianity Explained- a down to earth look at the Christian  basics.

For further details contact Rob on 01606 42450, or the Church Office on 01606 42963


Bell Ringing

Bell ringing is a unique, traditional hobby which has been practiced throughout the British Isles for over 400 years. lt is a team activity which can be great fun and provides a service to the Church; ringing for Sunday services, weddings, etc.

Ringing provides a healthy exercise which can be mental as well as physical. You don’t need to be big and strong, it helps if you have a sense of rhythm and reasonable coordination, you don’t have to be a musician.

If you would like to try bell ringing it will involve a weekly commitment – practices are usually on Monday evenings at 7.30 and you must be over 18 years of age and able to climb the 54 tower steps to the ringing chamber.

Contact: Steve Knight, Tower Captain via Church Office 01606 42963 .


Choir and Music

St Wilfrid’s has a Choir and Music Group which lead our main services – new instrumentalists and singers are always welcome.

To find out more come and see us at the end of the 10.30 service.


Men’s Fellowship

Meetings are usually arranged around sporting and social events – details are on the weekly Notice Sheets or contact Philip Johnson via the Church Office 01606 42963.


Mothers’ Union

MU programme 2019 v2

For further details contact Linda Crook, or the Church Office on 01606 42963